Great health isn’t guaranteed, but acceptance to health plan can be.


Manulife is currently offering GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE everyone over the age of 451 …. No questions asked.

Have a medical condition? Take any prescription medication? Typically, this would result in declined coverage or exclusions built into the policy. However, for a limited time, approval is guaranteed*. You sign up, you’re covered. It is as simple as that.

If you are self-employed or do not have an employer health and dental plan, this is the time to get one. Manulife’s Health & Dental plan guarantees coverage to those over 45 years of age … no medical questions asked.

getting it is as simple as giving us a call.


of Canadians age 50+
have a chronic health condition2.

Costs for health-related services can add up quickly, whether you're filling a prescription, visiting the dentist, getting new glasses, or mapping out a course of treatment for a critical illness. Health insurance helps you manage routine and unexpected costs, protecting your budget and your lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of Manulife’s Plans:

  • Extensive coverage: Select from four different plans that offer extensive health and dental coverage.
  • Easy online claims: Submitting claims has never been easier with Manulife’s fast and easy online claims.
  • Optional Travel add-on: Up to $5 million per trip up to age 80.
  • No waiting period: Make claims as soon as coverage is in place.
  • Easy online claims: Submitting claims has never been easier with Manulife’s fast and easy online claims.
  • Special rates: Get reduced rates for couples and families.

1 Guaranteed acceptance is dependent upon receipt of the first premium payment. Applicants must be members of a Government Health Insurance Plan, such as Alberta Health Care. Manulife’s FollowMe Health plans are not recommended for groups of employees residing in Quebec for whom The Act Respecting Prescription Drug Insurance mandates the basic plan coverage.
2 “Forgotten decisions: The disconnect between the plan and reality of Canadians regarding health and finances in retirement.”

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