When a family has a seriously ill or critically injured child, a mortgage or rent payment should be the last thing on their mind. This is where Community Key, a not -for-profit cause, steps in and takes that burden away by paying it for them.


Every year, 94,000 kids from Calgary, across the province and the country - rely on care from The Alberta Children's Hospital. There are numerous charities that support the children and families but Community Key offers the missing cog in the system - financial support as the bills don’t stop just because your child’s life is in peril.

When Co-founder of Community Key, Paul Bojakli, created this Canadian charity after spending five horrible days in the ICU with his daughter, Jamee, who had been rushed to the hospital after finding her at the bottom of a swimming pool. During those five long days in the hospital, Paul watched countless other families camping out in ICU pacing up and down the hallways praying for their children’s’ recoveries. He wondered at what point do less fortunate families make the decision to leave their sick child and head back to work in order to maintain their financial responsibilities? This inspired the formation of Community Key because no family should ever be forced to choose between going back to work and caring for a sick or injured child.

Why Community Key?

Everyday in our business we strive to eliminate the nagging financial worry people have and create the financial security for their family. Helping people in their deepest moments is what we do.

Community Key’s mission provides yet another way in which we can truly make a difference. “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday.” Sally Koch

We realize the significance of these small opportunities.

How do they do it?

Community Key reaches out to local hospitals, social workers, and various health organizations to find the families who are struggling with finances and caring for their seriously ill or injured child. Community Key helps in two ways:

1. They make direct payments to the family for their mortgage or their rent.

2. They work with their lender to take advantage of available programs to delay or minimize their mortgage payments during their time of need.

Community Key?

We donate a portion of proceeds for every mortgage and mortgage insurance package that you do with us. It is that simple. It is that easy to make a difference.

We are actively involved in the Calgary community scene and interweave our fundraising efforts with them. Keep your eyes open to our Facebook, Instagram, and webpage for our upcoming events!

If you would like to donate or have a family that you would like to nominate family who could use some support from Community Key click on the link below.

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Everyone deserves a happily ever after

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