Need some insurance for your wheels?

We know, insurance isn’t sexy and may seem like a waste of money, but when you need it most, you will thank us.

Numerous Quotes

Not only do we get you quotes from numerous insurance companies, we also summarize what the differences are. We do the work so you can sit back and relax.


There are a lot of unknown discounts available and we know exactly how to get them for you.

Claims Support

You aren’t a number to us. You are a real person who may be going through a difficult ordeal. We understand. We will be there for you.

Vehicle Insurance

Self driving vehicles are coming to Canada faster than anyone predicted; future generations may never learn how to drive. We may be one of the last generations to feel the excitement and adrenalin rush of driving, so grab your wheel and go!

Whether you drive a car, minivan, truck, boat, or ATV, we make it simple to get vehicle insurance that’s right for you. From basic insurance to coverage that includes a disappearing deductible, roadside assistance, to ridesharing, we make it simple to do what you want, when you want it.

Want Worry-Free Coverage?

Benefit from some options that help you when you need it most:

Emergency Road Service

Have you ever pushed the limits of the gas in your tank? Gotten a flat tire? This is the option for you as it will ensure that someone will deliver some gas to you, change your tire, boost your battery, or give you a tow to help you when you really need it.

Accident Forgiveness

Stuff happens, it doesn’t mean you are a bad driver or that you should be penalized. We love this option because it does just what it says – it forgives your first accident as it never happened thus not affecting your premiums in the following years. Too bad more things in life aren’t as nice as this!

Rental Vehicle Protection

Vehicle damaged? Most people do not realize that the cost of a rental vehicle is not standard on insurance policies. We want it to be, so if your vehicle is in the repair shop (for an insured incident), you will get a rental vehicle to help you out.

Vacation Protection?

It is a misconception that your insurance automatically transfers to the rental vehicle. It will, if you add this option to your policy. Trust us, it is easier and cheaper adding it to your policy than buying the insurance coverage from the rental shop.

Disappearing Deductible

Deductibles save you money on your premiums but when you make a claim, it is out of pocket money that you must pay before the claim is settled. We think that you should be rewarded for not having any claims. This option does just that. For every year you do not have a claim, your deductible is reduced, eventually it is eliminated completely.

Replacement Value Guarantee

This will freeze the value of your vehicle against deprecation for up to 5 years.

What do you drive?

We cover:

  • Personal, business, and some commercial use vehicles

Additional benefits:

  • Cost of rental of an automobile (including Motorhomes) while your vehicle is out of use due to an insured incident
  • Insurance for a rental vehicle (even when your vehicle is not damaged)
  • Family protection if an uninsured motorist causes bodily injury, this helps cover your medical costs
  • Roadside assistance
  • Waiver of deprecation
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Numerous discounts
  • and more
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We cover:

  • Standard, custom-built, dual-purpose, cruisers and off-road bikes

Additional benefits:

  • Waiver of depreciation coverage - with this added protection, if your bike is damaged beyond repair in an accident, it will be replaced with a brand-new version, even if it’s more expensive
  • Roadside assistance
  • Discounts for multiple policies, safe riding, loyalty, advanced safety and more
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We cover:

  • Snowmobile, dirt bike, or ATV
  • Your accessories, equipment, riding gear and trailer

Additional benefits:

  • We include coverage to those who are driving your off-road vehicle who do not have a driver’s licence or is not authorized by law to drive (ie – under 16 years of age)
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We cover:

  • Sail, Jet, Sport, Fishing, Cruiser and Cuddy, Houseboats, Pontoon and Deck, Runabout, and Personal Watercraft

Additional benefits:

  • Emergency towing - if you get stranded on the water, we’ll help get you and your boat safely back to land
  • Loss of use - you can still enjoy the water if you have a claim, thanks to a temporary replacement while your boat is being repaired
  • Agreed value coverage - be covered for your boat’s full insured value if it’s a total loss
  • Coverage for your trailer or sailboat cradle
  • Broad navigation limits - take yourself further opting to extend the distance traveled
  • Discounts if you are claims-free or have boat training, operator’s experience, multiple policies with us, and more
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We cover:

  • Class A, B, or C motor home.
    (travel trailer, motorhome, camper unit, tent trailer, or fifth wheel)

Additional benefits:

  • Unique coverage options - choose to insure your motor home for its actual cash value or up to its guaranteed replacement cost
  • Disappearing deductible - stay claims-free and we’ll reduce your deductible by 20% every year
  • Emergency vacation expense coverage
  • Roadside assistance - add coverage for help in case of a breakdown
  • Discounts for having an anti-theft device installed, having more than one policy with us and more
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Going beyond the policy

You pay a lot of money for your insurance, so when an accident happens, we want to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. That’s why you have us.


Stuff happens, we understand. Not sure if you should make a claim? Feel free to call us and we can help you determine what to do. (and don’t worry, a phone call to us to ask questions will not be counted as a claim or inquiry and will not affect your record). If you do have to make a claim, we can help guide you through the process and make it as simple as a possible.


Reduce the hassle of looking for the right place to repair your vehicle. When you have a claim, you need your life back to normal right away, we can help you get the repairs needed from our network of qualified specialists.


Injuries from an accident can affect every aspect of your daily life. That’s why we connect you with our network of qualified and respected healthcare specialists who will help you get better as quickly as possible, so the road to recovery is just a phone call away.

Looking to make some money with your vehicle?

With the growing popularity of the sharing community, we strive to stay innovative and are proud to offer the freedom to rent your car through Turo and Uber.

Have a brand-new vehicle?

We all know that as soon as you drive your vehicle off the lot, the value of it decreases. You can freeze the price of your vehicle against deprecation for up to 5 years.

In the event of a total loss, your vehicle will be replaced with a new vehicle with the same specifications and equipment, not just give you cheque for the lower current market value. For example, you purchase a new car for $50,000 then a few years later, that car is in an accident and is damaged beyond repair, without this additional coverage, the insurance company may give you a cheque for the current market value of $40,000. If you wanted to purchase that same make, model of car again, you now will be short $10,000. Why purchases a vehicle, get into an accident, and then have to pay more money out of your pocket to get the same vehicle again?

Discount, Discounts, Discounts!

Who doesn’t like getting a discount? It is the behind the scenes magic that we work to help save you money. Ok, maybe it isn’t really magic, but we like to pretend it is. It comes down to understanding your specific situation and what you need then organizing it to achieve discounts.

Here are few of the discounts available:

  • Green vehicle
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Multi-line
  • Claims and/or ticket free
  • Occupational
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEB)
  • Out-of-town Student
  • Farmer’s
  • Primary vs Occasional Driver
  • Age
  • Driver’s Training
  • Winter/Summer Tires
  • Low Mileage
  • Safety Feature