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Travel Insurance

Bask in the sun on the beach, explore the jungles, or ride the rollercoasters at Disneyland, do what you love and don’t worry, we have your back.

When you are planning a trip, not many people want to take the time and read the fine print of their travel insurance policy. We wouldn’t blame you, it is quite boring; however, it is important to note that not all policies are the same. There are significant exclusions that you need to be aware of before you book your trip, such as pre-existing conditions, travel activities, and limits of coverage.

We are truly lucky to be in Canada where the vast majority of our medical needs are covered through the provincial health care plans. However, when you travel abroad, your full provincial healthcare plan won’t go with you. That means, if you experience a medical emergency away from home, you will be left to arrange for care and pay for it too.

Types of coverage options

This is the most common form of travel insurance and covers you for a specific trip. From hospital treatment, to emergency dental care, to return of an accompanying pet, this covers you for what you need, when you need it.

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How many trips do you intend to take in a year? If you plan on crossing the border more than 2 times a year, then this might be the right option for you.


  • Cheaper: savings on time and money when you travel several times a year
  • Flexibility: Choose the number of days of travel coverage, or easily prolong coverage for your next trip. If your trip is longer than the plan you buy, just add more days!
  • Avoid forgetfulness: You won’t have to worry about forgetting to buy travel insurance every time you travel or leave your home province.
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Canada’s known for its inclusive healthcare system, but non-residents aren’t covered for accidents or medical emergencies. With medical coverage, you or your visiting guests will be able to relax without worrying about the cost of a clinic or hospital visit. The Canadian government recommends or mandates in some cases that all visitors buy health coverage before coming here.

Parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident might be eligible for the Super Visa program. This visa’s valid for up to 10 years and allows visitors to spend time with their families in Canada for up to two years without renewing their status.

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Student insurance has been tailored to meet the needs when studying abroad. While it includes important benefits like medical and dental treatment, it also has several benefits that go above and beyond emergency medical. Whether you need to get your wisdom teeth pulled, your eyes examined, or a regular doctor checkup, you’ll be protected. One of our insurance companies even offers tutorial services, in the event of hospitalization for 30 consecutive days or more.

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Finding the right travel medical insurance if you are a senior isn’t easy with age limitations and pre-existing condition exclusions. We have insurers that understand this and are more lenient than others.

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What do we offer?

Bungee jumping, SCUBA diving, and more!

If you aren’t the type to sit and relax, then you need to pay extra attention to your travel insurance policy. Almost all policies EXCLUDE what is considered a dangerous activity (such as ziplining or participating in a team sporting event).

We don’t want to limit you … do what you love and we’ll have your back. You can hike, zipline, bungee jump, or even parasail over water and still be protected under our Emergency Medical Insurance or Visitor to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance.

Extreme Sports

Are you more adventurous than that and want to take your travels to the extreme? You can now with the Optional Sports Coverages.

Contact Sports

Love a little competition? Whether you’re on the field or in the ring, we can protect you while you’re travelling. If you participate in, coach, teach, train or practice on behalf of a registered team, league, association, club or while competing in a registered tournament you can be covered.

Lost Baggage?

Almost everyone has had that moment where the airline notifies you that your luggage is lost. We offer payment for lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen baggage and personal effects and coverage for stolen currency due to theft or robbery, up to the benefit limit.

Trip Cancellation

If you need to cancel your trip before your scheduled departure or your trip is interrupted while you’re already on vacation, this insurance reimburses for non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements that can’t be recovered from another source (some restrictions apply).


As with every type of insurance, it is only valuable when you need it. An expensive policy does not mean better claims service, nor does the size of the insurance company. It is important to have an insurer that simplifies the process, handles the details, and most of all covers the costs.

If you do have a claim, ensure you follow the protocols listed in your policy. Some insurers require that they be the first point in contact, if not they may deny the claim or only pay 80% of it. We prefer the insurance companies that do not have this stipulation.

We prefer the insurance companies that do not have this stipulation.

Our Standard Policies Include

  • Hospital confinement and treatment including:
    • Doctor's services
    • Ambulance services
    • X-rays and other diagnostic laboratory tests
    • Prescription drugs
    • Essential medical supplies such as crutches
    • Fracture treatment benefit
  • Other professional medical services such as physio to relieve an acute emergency
  • Emergency dental services
  • Hospital allowance for incidental charges such as TV rentals
  • Emergency air transportation (must be pre-approved)
  • Return of excess baggage
  • Return of travelling companion
  • Return of children/grandchildren
  • Family transportation
  • Out of pocket expenses for accommodation, meals etc.
  • Return of vehicle to your home province or nearest rental place
  • Return to your destination if you had to be air evacuated to your home province for care
  • Return of accompanying pet